Mission Statement

The Mission of the Ohio County Division of Emergency Medical Services is accomplished by the vigilant practice of our core values:

  • To treat our patients with dignity,
  • To recognize and accept the privilege, confidence, and trust that is extended to us when we serve others during time of vulnerability and need.
  • To demonstrate ethical behavior in all of our interactions,
  • To maintain credibility by conducting ourselves with uncompromising honesty and professionalism,
  • To build constructive relationships by practicing cooperative effort,
  • To support a working environment that encourages respectful communications, equitable treatment, and widespread contribution,
  • To serve as leaders,
  • To encourage, develop, and practice leadership skills at levels, which motivates others to achieve common goals,
  • To pursue continuous improvement in our medical mission through evaluation, education, personal development, continuing education,
  • To achieve distinction by demonstrating the highest degree of paramedic and program expertise combined with effective teamwork, and
  • To take pride in our service oriented organization dedicated to bringing the values of our EMS to the public and the local and regional EMS community.