Readdressing in Ohio County

Over the last several years, the Wheeling – Ohio County Homeland Security and EMA along with the Ohio County 911 Center has been updating our community to 911-Style Addressing. An example of the address conversion would be ... Route 2, Box 336 to 145 Dement Road. The motivating factor behind this project was the need to provide the timeliest emergency services response possible. However, with multiple same Avenues and Streets throughout the county, this was not always the case. Therefore, the EMA, 911 Center, and Post Office worked together to establish and implement standards for the assigning of addresses in our county.

The goal of the addressing project has been: providing proper, structured naming and numbering of all structures in Ohio County; to avoid duplicate names; to avoid similar sounding names and to follow the established numbering regulations, leaving allowances for development and re-naming of roads if deemed necessary. This is also essential in coordinating the same numbering system on streets that pass from Ohio County into adjacent counties of Brooke and Marshall.

Who does this help? 9-1-1 Telecommunicators, fire departments, law enforcement, medical personnel, postal carriers, deliver personnel, utility workers, school bus drivers, and... YOU! Remember -- we can't dispatch an ambulance to your post office box!

The Ohio County Commission has chosen to seek suggestions from the citizens of the county in proposing street names for the streets they live on. Most suggestions are granted provided they follow the guidelines of the US Postal Service.

For questions or any other issue, you may contact Dave Weaver, our Planning Officer who is responsible for coordinating the readdressing of the streets at 304-234-3883.


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